Why this blog is in English

This Blog is in English so as to develop a dialog between those living in the Scandinavian countries and those living in the English speaking countries regarding "social work with and for men”.

Why in English? This is primarily because the field of "social work with and for men” is an undeveloped area of social work practice and social work education. There are several places around the world where they are working with this approach in social work and social work education and it is my hope that these people, who have an interest, as well as a knowledge and experience in social work with men, will be interested in sharing their knowledge, questions and speculations regarding the development of this approach to social work and social pedagogical practice.

The area is undeveloped in Denmark and does not exist in any of the other Scandinavian countries today, or at least not to my knowledge. I have been working with this area of social work practice for the past 10 years and have always felt that "I was alone”, even though I have constantly received encouragement and enticement from my colleagues in social work education as well as an enormous interest and encouragement from my many students. I have been an advisor and counselor for very many bachelor projects and graduate theses, which have had as their subject, social work with men. But the major problem has been that all the knowledge in both the theoretical area of masculinities and men’s studies exists only in English.
Therefore I have created this blog to develop a dialog, discussion and debate on developing the area of "social work with and for men”. I hope that you will be interested in blogging with us and especially in sharing with us your experiences, knowledge regarding courses and research in this area, as well as your experiences and ideas regarding the developing of a university curriculum in the area of social work and social pedagogical education.

/ Richard

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