Welcome to my website!

This website is constructed both in English and in Danish, although it is primarily aimed at Danish readers, students and leaders, who have an interest in the two primary areas of teaching, research and lectures that I offer. I have made some English tabs to both illustrate my background and interests, but primarily to offer a Blog in English to stimulate a debate and discussion between social work professionals who are interested in empowerment and social work with and for men.

As I have explained on the tab regarding the Blog, it is important that the field of social work with and for men is developed in the field of social work, both for the pedagogical social worker and the case worker. Therefore this website is created primarily to stimulate a debate and discussion that will be able to develop this field and spread its knowledge and interest so it begins to influence the daily practice of social work both in Denmark, in Scandinavia as well as in the English speaking world.

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