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This area of social work is relatively new and an extremely relevant approach for social workers. This is a gender specific approach to social work with men, directed at men who have social problems and who have a hard time in findings a solution to the difficulties that they find themselves in.

Recently the Danish think-tank on men, under the "The Minister for Gender Equality”, has written in their report: "The marginalized, the homeless and the excluded are very frequently men.

Socially marginalized men are a large part of the statistics and in the research reports which are occupied with the traditional types of social problems.
Many more men than women are homeless, are alcoholic, are addicted to drugs and have been arrested for violence against children, women or against other men.

The consequence of this development is that many men have serious life style illnesses, fewer children and usually die earlier than women. "

It is very clear that men are at the top of the statistics regarding violence against other men as well as against women and against children. It is usually men who drive recklessly and dominate the statistics regarding sexual abuses against children, rape, suicide and criminal acts generally. It is usually a man who is in jail or in prison and has many different social and mental dysfunctions.

The majority of the academic researchers and theoreticians, who work with masculinity, agree that the major problem that men have is that they have to be men. This masculinity process requires one to be strong and not show any weaknesses. In trying to live up to this kind of man is actually when many men develop difficulties, a life of crime or violence, as well as many other large social problems.

Another one of the problems here is that there is no real public discussion or debate regarding men’s problems from a gender specific approach.
I have, during the last 10 years, worked with gender and men’s way to develop social problems. I have developed and run seminars during the last seven years which have worked with men’s specific way to develop social problems. These seminars have centered on how to work with a gender specific approach to solving men’s social problems.

I have traveled to England and the USA, where there is the beginning of a development towards an approach in social work to working with men. On these trips I have both developed my experiences and knowledge regarding social work with men, but I have also held academic seminars and talks at conferences on the subject of social work with and for men. I have also many times delivered speeches and seminars on these subjects in both the UsA and in Denmark.

That the literature on the subject, especially on masculinities, is in English, and not yet translated into Danish, it has been relevant for me to read enormous amounts of research reports and academic books regarding this subject.
The approach I have developed is taken from a broad understanding of men’s masculinity, the development of men’s social relationships and how men speak with each other. This has been necessary in order to develop my approach, which is aimed at getting men to engage themselves in a process of change and development in order to solve the social problems they are burdened with.

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